The Challenge – a small publisher of videos, articles, and community events around Legend of Zelda games.
– Firstly, the new logo should avoid using the stereotypical Legend of Zelda typeface. It has to forge own identity.
– Similar color palettes, stylistic references, and visual language from the Zelda franchise.
– Starting a t-shirt shop to diversify our revenue. The logo would be the first design that the merchandise will be created.
The Process and Solution

All of the designs in Zelda logos has a recognizable pattern. In the letter Z of the logos, there is an embossed mark that is utilized to create ZeldaGuide's icon. It resembles a compass which represents guidance and the adventure sense that the game has developed. The typography treatment is unique which also gives a message of Guidance and Adventure.
The Output

The design is very adaptable to the requested use. Moreover, works absolutely well as a splash page just like in the game. It can be used horizontally and vertically which is very usable in blogs and websites.

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