The Challenge

From the Client - "I choose the name TripleWP since our first beta users were able to design and update their websites around three times faster than the traditional method of writing code. The WP part of the company name is a standard abbreviation of WordPress and is an indicator to our audience of where the software can be installed.
I really want to get a visual identity that is friendly, not intimidating and incorporates a typeface that reflects our cutting-edge tech. The Cloudflare logo is a great example of these ideals. In addition, a majority of the application has already been designed around a blue, white, and black color scheme that the logo should also use."
The Process and Solution

The design should be friendly at the same time conveys about technology. The message of the design should be that it is a reliable application. The form is simple yet the minor elements make it unique. It is easy to understand and well balanced. The typography is clear with customizations ensuring the right and effective spacing.
The Output and Application

Mainly used in mobile and websites. The icon is a strong standalone design and conveys professionalism. It makes sense that it is a product that is fast and easy to use.

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