The Challenge

Scarlet is a visual effects studio from Manhattan. For the last several years they have been developing software for client projects, and are going to split the company into two divisions, Scarlet VFX and Scarlet Raycast. They need a responsive logo design for Scarlet that can be easily modified to represent any division with our company.

One of the company’s sections will still be focused on providing visual effects for film projects that previously included Mad Max, King Kong, and Stranger Things. The new division will be responsible for developing computer software to increase the speeds at which mocap and facial animation can be recorded.

The Process and Solution

The approach is to be edgy and dynamic. The logo looks simple yet the colors are inviting.
Smooth round corners for a friendly look, slightly slanted to convey movement in visual effects. 
The Output and Application

The design is can easily be used by the two divisions within the company.

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