The Challenge

The company is an intermediary freight broker between a shipper who has goods to transport and a trucking company who has the capacity to move their product from point A to point B. It specializes in finding optimal routes for sensitive cargo that requires ongoing monitoring and comprehensive insurance coverage.

The entire company is built on the foundations of trust and security with our clients, and the logo design has to reflect these core values. It needs to be a design that gives viewers a sense of trust that their delivery is handled by professional agents that understand how to transport cargo using safe and secure practices.
The Process and Solution

The design resembles a box and is based on the initials and a clever use of number 1.
A balanced and compact design conveys a message of trust and stability. The thickness of the lines are bold but not overly thick. The lines suggest fluidity and quick routes.

The Output and Application

The design is able to be used in different marketing materials as well as decals for trucks and vans. Easily recognizable even from far distances and fast moving vehicles. 

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