About Me

A visual brand designer and web developer based in Poland with a decade of experience. I am passionate in everything that I do as a designer and developer and I believe in giving value to every project that I work with. I am dedicated to provide high quality service/outputs and aim client satisfaction.


My focus is to give value to your brand. I will help to give you an appropriate, productive and efficient visual brand design that communicates to your target audience.

I am a visual brand designer and developer with a great passion to help brands grow. I have developed a wide range of skills in Logo Design, UI/UX, Web Design and Development,  Visual Brand Development (logo design, business card design, stationery, envelope), Web Graphics (web design, header, banner), Print Designs (brochures, flyers, ads, posters, covers, tshirts etc.), advertising and marketing. I specialize in visual brand design, user interface and web development. I've been using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator Series all throughout my career as a designer and now utilizing the apps available in the latest Adobe CC. I use atom as my main editor for web development and currently trying visual studio code. I am seeking for opportunities to gain more knowledge and skills through delivering high quality and world class service.

I am greatly inspired by the learning and problem solving challenges involved in my line of field. I am wired to learn and design. The happiness and satisfaction seeing the brands I work with grow and improve is limitless. The tasks are not easy but I am continously trying the best of my efforts in a reasonable project. I want to give value in a sense that I want to see the brand improve in the part of visual strategy and provide a wonderful experience for the users through the brand's website.

TOP 15 designer in a contest site.
I have been a TOP RATED Freelancer in Upwork with more than 600+ successful and five star projects.
I grew up in a small town in the Philippines. As a child, I was curious about anything and tried to learn as much as I could. I read books and magazines in different areas of life. I had interests in arts but my focus is more into finding solutions and solving puzzles. I was fascinated with science and technology, at the same time marvelled at the wonderful design of nature. In my mind, we can get inspiration from how nature designs itself to solve problems in our society. My mother and father gave me a  desktop computer when I was around 12 years old and I had the opportunity to learn more and explore anything I could think of. I learned designing logos and identity materials like business cards for my father's small businesses.

Later on in life, I studied nursing to prepare to become a medical doctor and solve the mysteries behind diseases at the same time helping people. I was always into finding solutions and would passionately trace pathophysiology to get to the bottom of the disease cause and finding the right diagnosis to give proper treatment. However, things got around bad financially, too bad to a point that I was not able to study medicine even with scholarships. I finished my nursing degree though and passed the licensure examination in our country. Nursing in the Philippines was hard and we only earn less and during those years, I needed more. I had to support my family's needs financially and help in sending my younger sisters to college.

I was blessed that I found out about online jobs and was lucky enough to know about computers and graphic design. I took the opportunity and quickly began working for different clients around the world creating logos, marketing materials, print designs and setting up websites. The Internet is a huge library of learning materials. My passion for learning new stuff just grew exponentially and I never stopped trying to learn more and improve in what I was doing. Everyday is a new day to learn and constantly trying to improve.

A few years after working as visual brand designer and designing websites, my interests grew on web development and programming. I gathered free materials regarding programming, read a lot of blogs, pdfs and watched hours of videos on programming. I tried to learn android app development and reskinned a few games, built small websites, studied python and a bit of data science but I greatly focused on HTML, CSS, Javascript(during those times jQuery was the hot topic and now its about frameworks). My progress was slow but it was consistent.

If ever given a chance to work in artificial intelligence or data science, I would still love to work and start from scratch. Learning about nature and technology will always be a passion. 

As of now, Im still learning more as I can while working on freelance projects and I am trying to start a life in Europe with my lovely wife. I am working on things to help people in my country and I am focusing on education. I can only do so little things but it makes me happy if I can give a tiny piece for a possibly life changing experiences for the people I share it with.

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